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Hero: 108 OC Ila by SarahDragon Hero: 108 OC Ila by SarahDragon
With this Base by:iconsweet-amai:[link] This's My new Hero: 108 OC Ila. On right Ila before the change and on left after the change where her hair turns from blue to white and red by the White Dragon's powers and this's her bio:

Name: Ila

Age: 30

Weapon: Kung Fu, Ninja and the the White Dragon's Powers.

Likes: Do good. Vegetables and fruits. Help the others, The White Dragon and Black Panther.

Dislikes: Power of evil and injustice and tyranny.

Bio: Ila is Lilian's great grandma. Sometimes she be very compassionate and affectionate toward others, and sometimes she be very stubborn and determined. She's beautiful and smart woman and was the stronger warrior in her age. In the beginning before her meeting with the White Dragon and the possession of his strength and his legacy, she was a skilled herbs doctor and she was heals most of the diseases. One day and during her walking to one of the patients, she was surprised by the White Dragon on the ground and he wounded mortally, she took him to her home and treated him and she didn't care that he's mythical dragon because all her interests is treatment him. Ila cared about him for days and the White Dragon seemed to fall in love with her and he wished if only he stay with her always and she reciprocated the same feelings with him and secretly they married and begat 6 kids 3 boys and 3 girls and they hidden their marriage and their days were happy, but the joy of the marriage did not last long if the White Dragon about to die after his battle against the Black Dragon and she tried treatment him but to no avail. Ila was sad but her husband recommended that she not cry and be strong and interested in their children, and finally before he die, he gave to her what is left of his strength and she has become the White Dragon's first successor to him and finally he gave to her a very characteristic shield to fight and protect herself. And then the Dragon died and she remained to fighting the evil with the White Dragon's best friend the Black Panther and heals the creatures until she reached the age of ninety and died and bequeathed her powers to her children and grandchildren and so on to this day.
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She is amazing
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